We Own The Jets

No brokers, no middlemen, there is just us. Every jet is owned by us, maintained by us…but operated…by you.

We Are Not an “On Demand” Air Carrier

We are not the company to call when you need a flight to Denver, with catering…in 2 hours. Those are FAA Part 135 Air Carriers. We do not transport people or cargo for hire. We lease you the equipment. You yourself then decide when and who to fly to the destination of your choice.

Federal Excise Tax/Broker Fees

Every time you charter a plane you are paying 7.5% Federal Excise tax…and another 10% to the charter broker…good thing we are not a charter broker or a charter company…those fees do not apply here…at all! You simply purchase flight time hours as needed. No hidden costs, fees, or taxes.

What Type And Size Jets Do You Have?

We own Dassault Falcon 10/100/20/50, Gulfstream IV, and Hawker 800 series aircraft. So, if your mission requires a short haul with less people…to a intercontinental cruiser…we can accommodate you.


Yes, the aircraft are typically based at (KDPA) Dupage, Illinois…in our State of the Art facility with tens of thousands of feet of floor space. But, it is possible to relocate a jet for your use, anywhere in the Country…if you plan to fly a lot. Conversely, we have jets located and hangered throughout the country.

The Benefits of Dry Leasing

Leasing an aircraft is like renting a car, you take responsibility when operating it; the same is true with aircraft; when you operate an aircraft you are exercising “operational control” an operation defined by the FAA, in essence operating the aircraft from point A to point B at a specific time. You determine if and when you want to go, however, we recommend going only when conditions are safe. Leased aircraft can be flown by anyone who meets the FAA certification guidelines, the insurance requirements and demonstrates to DuPage Aviation that they can operate the aircraft safely, properly and in accordance with all applicable Federal Air Regulations. When exercising operational control, you may confer with your pilot to determine the best scenarios to conduct your flight; Always be safe! With our long history in the aircraft community, we have acquired a list of pilots that meet all the above-referenced criteria for acting as pilot-in-command; keep in mind you do not have to use anyone on that list. A list of these pilots is provided to supplement you in your selection of the pilot most appropriate for your desired flights.

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