Before You Get Ready to Fly,  Here Are a Few Helpful Tips

You pay an hourly rate for the aircraft. This rate depends on which plane you decide fits your needs. The Falcon 50 (our most popular aircraft) is $2,800 an hour and the Falcon 20 is $2,300 an hour. Hawker 800 is $2400 an hour. If you buy more than 20 hours your rate will go down.


This does not include the costs of retaining a crew or fuel. Other aircraft are available. Please call us to discuss those options and rates. We are focused on serving you well with a jet that best suits your needs.

The average daily contract rate for a FAA licenced and type rated Captain and Co-Pilot is about $1800 per day, plus airfare if they have to travel to you. We do not supply the flight crew however we do maintain a list of well experienced and current rated crew you may use to help you secure a crew of your choice.  You are of course welcome to retain flight attendants, personal chefs, and additional members to accompany you on your flight as you see fit.

You buy fuel wherever you want, with our bulk discounts and CAA discounts…expect to see $3 per gallon of Jet A fuel. The average 9 passenger midsize Falcon 20 burns 225 gph at 480KTS at 41000 feet.

If you choose to land at a airport with a landing fee, you are responsible for that fee.

If you are at an airport that charges overnight parking fees while you are on your trip, that is your responsibility to pay such fees.

We pay for all maintenance, program fees, insurance, parking at our base (KDPA) and a substitute aircraft if your leased aircraft is down for maintenance.

Get an Estimate on Hours Needed

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