We own Dassault Falcon 10/100/20/50, Gulfstream IV, and Hawker 800 series aircraft. So, if your mission requires a short-haul with fewer people...to an intercontinental cruiser...we can accommodate your needs every time.

Possibly, however, we may have a jet based closer to you. Do you plan to fly frequently? If so, we may be able to park one at an airport closer to you on a full-time basis.

All aircraft are maintained to a standard that far exceeds FAA and manufacturer requirements. Open checkbook maintained and Dupage Aviation is proud to say we have never recorded a single incident in all our years of operation.

No. Dupage Aviation operates in accordance with AC 91-37B. This means that we simply lease you the equipment. We do not maintain operational control, supply fuel or any member of the flight crew. Only a charter company can quote you all-inclusive trip rates and you will always find those costs far exceed the costs of dry leasing yourself!

Yes, we offer deep discounts for 50/100 hour blocks. Please contact us to discuss those options today!

If the jet is not scheduled for another flight to another lessee, or a member that is a block purchaser does not request it, then no, keep it with you and save the fuel/flight time.

Absolutely! A copy of every lease is filed with the FAA in Oklahoma City and the local Flight Standards District Office. It is a binding legal contract which is both industry and FAA approved.

No, you simply arrive at the jet with your crew and get right into the plane. Bring your friends, baggage, favorite food, drinks, alcohol, and even your pets!  It’s your plane, you make the rules. There are no security screening lines, flight delays, or canceled flights!

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