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No Brokers, No Middlemen; There is Just You

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Dry Jet Leasing Puts You In Control

We are not licenced to quote you a price when you need a flight to Denver, with catering in 2 hours. Those are FAA Part 135 (charter) Air Carriers. We do not transport people or cargo for hire. We lease you the equipment and then you decide when, where, and who to fly.

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We are simply put, leasing you a jet aircraft which gives you the operational control. Our jets are already C.A.A registered for deep fuel discounts anywhere in the country that you purchase fuel. We have a list of insurance approved flight crews as well that you can contract in order to assist you in retaining a crew. You are not obligated to use this list, however, we have excellent reviews and experience with these crews.

  • luxury and comfort
    Flying your in your own private Jet doesn't get much better
  • Safety and Maintained
    Our Jets are Inspected & Maintained higher than FAA requirements
  • Personal schedule
    Fly practically when & wherever you need to, across the Globe
  • many airports
    When you lease our Jet, you can pick your Airport, departure & arrival
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With us, you are in full operational control. Imagine renting an exotic car you would like to be driven in. You pay an hourly rate for the aircraft.

A Falcon 50 is $2,800 an hour and a Falcon 20 is $2,300 an hour.  This price does not include a flight crew or fuel costs or any additional fees aircraft use may encounter such as landing or overnight parking fees.


frequently asked questions

We own Dassault Falcon 10/100/20/50, Gulfstream IV, and Hawker 800 series aircraft. So, if your mission requires a short-haul with fewer people…to an intercontinental cruiser…we can accommodate your needs every time.

Possibly. We might have a jet based closer to you. Do you plan to fly frequently? If so, we may be able to park one at your Local Airport.

Our Planes are maintained to a standard that far exceed FAA and manufacturer requirements. Open checkbook maintained; it really does not get any safer than our Airplanes at Dupage Aviation.

No. Dupage Aviation operates accordance with AC 91-37B. This means that we simply lease you the equipment. We do not maintain operational control, supply fuel or any member of the flight crew.

Yes, we offer deep discounts for 50/100 hour blocks.

If the jet is not scheduled for another flight to another lessee, or a member that is a block purchaser does not request it, then no, keep it with you and save the fuel/flight time.

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